November 27, 2014

Lush green mountain magic in Montenegro

I very like travels and have traveled a lot. Today I want to tell you about one of the last my travels to Montenegro. Country that has enthralled the simplicity and friendliness. Green and beautiful country.

Our friends have been here a few years ago, but they paid attention more to mountains and canyons, we did to coasts and fjords.

Montenegro I would assess 10 points in a ten points system. What we did like most? Well: fortresses, an abundance of tourists originality attractions, friendliness of people, food, and coffee. In Montenegro we were hooked so that after year impressions are still alive.

Green mountains everywhere here, not only is the mountain region and at the coast too .

Pleasant smell greeted the first late night eating in cafe. Argued with my husband, what smells. We decided that someone smokes fragrant cigarettes and here is incense in use. 

Great smell is everywhere: smells pine, pine nuts, cedars and flowers. Maybe there were that many because before our came there rained. The flowers smell only if there is moisture.

Food is wonderful. We ate most in Timon cafe pizzeria in the city center and on the Gulf coast. Then all day just traveled through beautiful and famous places. Meat there usually is grilled. Mostly veal. Awfully tasty and very real food. Was tasty fish, huge prawns, squid. Well, the coffee was simply divine.

 In Montenegro everyone and everywhere is smoking. We were initially shocked because we are non-smokers. But cafes windows are open and then we started love tobacco smelling.

Mountains and serpentine are everywhere. The cities are located on the slopes of the mountains. On the mountains located the fortresses.

Adriatic sea is beautiful and clean. Black sand beaches. The local language is used two languages: Albanian and Montenegrin. With the tourists they still speak in English not very good, but In Russian enough good.

People there are extremely good, helpful, sociable. There you feel like a guest and friend. In Ulcinj people are very tolerant. Albanians are traditionally Muslims, but moderate. Islam encourages to help the poor, not to cheat.

We felt very safe.
In the southern part of the country the beach sand is volcanic black. 
When dry, it looks like ash. Wet nearly black.

Sun bathers are risking prematurely become older

Aesthetic medical professionals actively investigating the causes of aging skin. People sometimes look older than they really are, it is often the cause of a lower quality of life, especially for women. Our skin inevitably ages and sunlight accelerates this process very much. The phenomenon is characterized by such terms as photo aging, premature skin aging, actinic dermatitis, sun damage skin.

Nowadays, many enjoying the sun in South countries do not even know about the damage, that makes sun for their beauty and health. One vacation, spent in the sun without protection of the skin can make us older for several years. Even greater damage if get sunbaths several times over the year.
Sunbathing is very deceptive. It seems as if the skin condition improves. Lightly tanned skin is beautiful and hides the surface of the skin and color differences and blotches.

If we stay in the sun without protective factor containing cream 10-20 minutes per day, depending on the photo type, big trouble with the skin should not happen.

But when sunbathing is very often, without protection and lasts for a few hours, the sun's harmful rays fail to prevent. The severe sunburn, even if it was one in a lifetime, in the future can affect the quality of the skin, as to the skin over a long period of time appears serious structural changes, deepening them in a few years might lead to such effect as skin cancer. 

So, enjoy sun, but do not forget to use protective creams or lotions with sun filters.