December 14, 2014

Wooden crosses on the roads.

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Every time I am going to visit my mom (she lives 50km from me) on the road I see a little wooden cross on the one tree and white bucket of flowers. It denotes someone's daughter, son, sister, brother, father or mother's tragic death place. Every time pain penetrated the body looking at the gray crosses and small artificial flower wreaths. I think many of you also have seen such places too.

Colorful flowers in the wreaths did not fade out from hot rays of the sun. It is not destroyed by relentless gusts of wind and rain. It does not fade - as the pain of the loss does not fade in the hearts of loved ones.

The case with crosses on the roads means someone had car accident. These persons still could be alive and enjoy all things we do. Not long ago my friend was involved in car accident with drunk driver.  
Alcohol and driving is totally incompatible. I would like to write this sentence in capital letters. I'd like, but maybe there will be better if we write every sentence of this record in capital letters in our moral code. And not only record, but also underline with sharp pencil.
Moments of intoxication effects can flip upside down life. Therefore, do not dislodge our life and do not imprison own future behind the prison bars.

We have to choose between what is right and what is easy


In our life we are making a lot of decisions. It is possible as we live in a free world, and we have the right to self-determination in all areas of our life. Making decisions can be very easy and very difficult. If we have only few cents in our pocket, it is easy to decide if we want to buy a bar of chocolate. However, if we are very hungry and still want to buy Coca Cola, which also costs the same amount the decision becomes more difficult. Right? 

Self-determination means our choice. Deciding what we want sometimes means we have to give up on something. Sometimes we know what we refuse, sometimes not.

There is one decision, which constantly recurs in our lives. It's a choice between what is morally right and what is morally wrong. Like all our other choice, and that choice can be very easy or very difficult.

In the childhood some decisions came for us by others - parents, teachers, etc. Family members may say, well if you act not good will be bad for you! In this way we learn to behave properly - to share, to tell the truth, be polite.
When people see that we are honest, we are gaining their trust. People appreciate our friendship despite so maybe sometimes they disagree with our opinion. They can rely on us.

The choice gives a sense of control. The decision seems depends only on us and only we ourselves choose which direction to turn our fortunes.

It is easier to make right decisions when we are healthy and feel good. A bright mind and a healthy body make a big difference. Only then can we fully experience the full joy of life.

Help others

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I guess you have heard this saying of Seneca: "No one can lead a happy life if he thinks only of himself and turns everything to his own purposes. You should live for the other person if you wish to live for yourself."
I think it is very true words.

All the people living in this world are different not only in their race, language or religious beliefs, but more importantly they differ in their character and attitude to life problems. Some people are selfish, caring only for their interests and problems, others, meanwhile, forget about themselves and taking care about others.

We all live in a society, we are surrounded by other people with whom we want to or not, still have more or less communicating. Thus, a person can not live only for him selves. Life is short, so it should be shared with others, just sharing the goodness and you will get it back.

When I think about online friends, it is the same,  we must focus all our networking efforts on helping the people we are contacting and adding to friends. We should start by focusing on being friendly and helpful. This is the number one tactic we can use to build our network.

Simply spread information in a friendly and helpful way. Building our network is the same as building friends. Be interested in what they are doing and offer friendly and helpful suggestions when you can. 

To achieve true long term success we should help enough other people get what they want.
 Those who learn to truly Help others are the ones who are very successful in online marketing.

I love that feeling of helping others!


easy earn for life

I did not know what the love is.
I wanted to know it, had a big wish get to know it, but from this went nothing good. Love simply came unexpectedly, when I stopped to look for it. I let everything flow downstream and love 
itself came up on my shore. Sail on the shoal.

I did not know what a real pain is. 
Once upon a time it seemed to me that it is when you fall down and hurt your knees. And now? Now the pain is someone's else loss, someone collapse and leave the ruins.
 Better I would have my knees scraped off till blood...

I did not know what the real cold is.
  Cold of heart and soul. Previously I thought here is nothing worse than the winter frenzy and snowstorms. Since from this cold sting my fingers and face, but now seems like better all environment would has been covered with frost, than to feel the cold within myself.

I did not know what real happiness is. 
Well, once upon a time I was happy after receiving a new toy or candy. Everything is changing. Now I am feeling happy not from sweet candy, but from loving man next to me. I'm happy not because I have many nice things, but because I have real friends. Happiness lies in much more 
simpler things than in amount of the things we have.

In past it was otherwise.
I do not know.

I am doing what I love to do and I feel happiness in doing that.


"Live and enjoy" - this is my life motto. 
I'm talking about happiness , joy and other good feelings that you feel doing what you like. I'm talking about self expression, which is the best way to forget about everyday life.

Eibrahamas Maslou said: "Musicians must make music, artists must paint, a poet must create rows, if they want to live peacefully with themselves. People must to be what they can be. 

They should remain true to their nature." 

I totally agree with that, because only doing what pleases us, what we are capable to do, we are happy. Always nice to listen to a man who engrossed in his favorite work.


A year ago I faced a dilemma - in my mind sounded the question do I should retire from my ordinary job and stay only with network marketing business, or I should still schedule my works? I did not think long. I rejected those areas where I did not feel so much satisfaction and stayed where I can realize my potential. And now, after almost year. I do not regret about this choice, because I'm doing what I love to do. Now I am full time online marketer and very enjoy my life.

"Choose a favorite work, and you'll never have to work" - says Confucius. It is no secret that the work takes very big part in many people's lives. Can it be otherwise, if people spend a large part of the day in work? For this reason alone it is worth searching activity, which is most consistent with our behavioral needs.

Extend this idea. When you find your favorite activities, be sure to find a way you could make money for living. Why? Because we do not want more to work any job which is not pleasant for us.

You know why millionaires become so rich? Studies show that 99% of people who have become millionaires, seek not the money, but self-realization through innate abilities. They found their passion and follow it even to the edge of the world. Furthermore, other studies have shown that if we dislike work, it responds to our health (heart diseases, diabetes), and as regular experience chronic stress.

But sometimes fail to find a job in which you could fully realize yourself, so you prefer other additional activities, which gives you the opportunity to unfold - this is hobby.

December 13, 2014

Beauty secrets for every woman

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Most of us, women, know how to take care about own skin, hair and nails. However, knowledge alone is not enough. This means that we may know what to do, but do not do it or do not know how to do it properly. Yes, we all have not much free time, but in order to do it we need just a desire. 
I guess we all want to be beauty.

 So, here are some my tips: 

Skin cleansing

Facial cleaners can cause irritation even for healthy skin, not to talk about sensitive or problematic skin. How better clean it without irritation? The solution is simple - regardless of skin type, choose a mild cleanser, which dissolves dirt and excess fat, but does not create a sense of skin tension. Therefore, do not choose a fragrant cleaners containing alcohol or ingredients that clog pores.



Why do some women have enviable beautiful, glowing skin? Of course, genetics plays an important role, but even non-problem skin needs help. You need to use skin peelings. However, with a high degree of acne skin cleaners should choose after consultation with dermatologists.
 If engage in amateur, you can only hurt your skin.


Sweet skin

Regular body scrub is no less necessary than the face. And in order that your body skin was so soft as peach it is not necessary to leave a pile of money in the spa centers. Make a sweet sugar scrub - gentle circular motion rub the sugar on a wet body. Repeating this procedure at least once a week - 
will soon see the first results.


Nail care

Before doing manicure soak nails in water. Mix shower gel with warm water and soak your hands for five minutes. It is much easier to alienate the cuticles and nails will become whiter. Toenails to soften are harder, so in the same tub soaked feet you can lubricate with Vaseline and add a bag on them. 
 Leave for 15 minutes and enjoy the baby softness feet.


Responsible approach to dandruff

It turns out, people often abuse the anti-dandruff shampoo. Most believe that dandruff is just dry skin, but getting dry skin is simply a consequence of poor rinsing shampoo. Therefor, before fleeing to buy an anti-dandruff shampoo, carefully and thoroughly rinse your hair.

Be and stay beauty.

Weekend getaway to Marseille.

Weekend getaway to Marseille.

This trip was for me too much unplanned, almost not dreamed and as always - unexpected. To the second largest French city we did fly in Friday morning and came home at the same time on Monday.

 Like all Mediterranean cities of this region with its rich history - Marseille was founded by Greeks, cherished by Romans, and now reigns particularly in large urban areas characterized by a mixed variety of people. Unfortunately, the museum of the history was closed for renovation, we failed dig up into the more original history than we can find in Wikipedia .

The city's attraction places definitely worth your attention and walks: restored Fort St. Jean, mini cruise to Marseille inlets and other.

In Marseille without problems can be found a lot of restaurants where the dish will appear for every taste. There, in our opinion, is dominated Italian delicacies.
If for you fit and you enjoy a pizza, you can chew up a large delicious Italian pizza for 10 euros in pizzeria St. Jean St. Jean street, located near Fort St. Jean.

In summary - Marseille is one of those cities, which is worth a visit, but at the same time would not be a big loss if change it to another town or city of the same Provencal. 

On the other hand, you never know what the new, still have not seen corner of the world, is prepared for each person. Good luck to those who are planning to learn Marseille in their own way.