October 12, 2015

Are you strong willed person?

strong will

What is strong willed person? For me it is man, guided by discipline and purposefully going toward the goal. What does it mean in reality to have strong will? I guess you had heard in some kind of conversation such question: "how you have so much will?" Usually after these words come others – "I would not be able to do so..." It seems like a solid will is just an exclusive grace, provided not for everyone. 

Strong will is idealized and considered as inspirational, but people are claiming that they had no will, believe that in order to become strong willed person, they must to overcome long way of limitation, put in permanent efforts. 

I think right are those who claim that a strong will can be developed by everyone, just need discipline yourself. Most importantly how we understand will and how we develop it.

September 10, 2015

Spread the love and harmony

Spread the love and harmony

In ancient treatises are noted that the only performing our nature, doing what we are created for, we can be happy. According to the structure of the body, we can understand what we need to do. Dog’s duty is to defend a host, guard the home. The tree’s duty is to rip fruits and so on. To be a woman means to spread the beauty, love and harmony around you. With their inner and outer beauty woman also calms the mind of their men. The woman is a bearer of the beauty, love and harmony in the family and in society.

Thus, it seems that to be beautiful woman is not just a silly whim, woman instinctively feels that it is hereditary and this wish is one of her properties that must be disclosed. Some women are chasing the only outer beauty, losing any common sense and having fallen into the extremes. Other women evaluate and promote the inner beauty also.

What is harmonious person? It is when outer beauty is coinciding with the beauty of the soul. I think everyone noticed that the both in some way related, but not necessarily. Although our look can tell a lot about our character, our inclinations and other features.

Negative thoughts affect our health

Negative thoughts affect our health

Many health troubles and diseases lie in our negative thoughts. It is necessary to purposefully achieve desired objectives, that would become our actions and then become visible results. Everyone can easily change his way of life, he only need to begin put efforts. 

In my opinion, the belief that medicine is all-powerful, is completely false. We need ourselves care about it, some efforts should be taken to prevent diseases and stay healthy.

 We do not think about future diseases that we may get, but when it comes we ask why we got it, why it is me, not anyone else? Our body must to serve us, but somehow many of us start to slave for body. Stay healthy and cheer up and care about your NOW.

September 9, 2015

Modern human sense of smell

sense of smell

Modern human sense of smell is pretty bad. People who can easy recognize thousands different smells are rare ones. It is because around us is a lot of artificial flavors, whose molecules deaden true smells. Our sense of smell is weakening also because of aging' changes, and because of the polluted air. That leads to fact that urban people sense is worse than those who live in rural areas. 

An enormous influence on the ability to smell makes our diet – not a pungent onion or garlic, but a fat makes problems for our sense of smell. That is what scientists have proved.
On the other hand, the smell has long been considered less important for human survival, and for its exploring, developing received less attention than vision or hearing. After all, we have very little words to describe the smell and borrow them from art and music. 

Some scientists say that people feel pheromones, others say that they can not be smelled. But that we can’t live with someone if we do not like his smell, I have no doubt.

Eternal love

Eternal love

People like to talk about love. And if they do not talk then they still think time from time about it. Love is everywhere: in the movies, songs, books, and finally in this earth full of all kind of people. And why it is so important to all us? Maybe love is true and genuine piece of nature? And perhaps it is quite easy to explain? 

This time I wanted to ask do you believe in eternal love?
I do believe. Yes, I believe love can be eternal, strong, true love, but I would never swear eternal love to anyone. People falling in love tend to swear that will love all their life, but after few years forget all oats. I long ago decided that I will better love without any oats. I know that it can change any minute, as people never stay the same. Life does change, circumstances change, people change, our feelings, opinions also change. I just feel happy and grateful for all years we had with my beloved, and I hope it will never end, but to swear? I even do not know what will be tomorrow, how I can know what will be after 10-20 year?
Do you swear eternal love to your beloved?